burn what you have adored & adore what you have burned

"The proverbs of the world are rich in spilt milk, burnt boats, and wasted youth. Each of these proverbs can be regarded as a statement of the second law which expresses the uni-directionality of life and the utter futility of expecting a second chance."
Stanley W. Angrist & Loren g. Hepler, Order & Chaos laws of energy & entropy

“Every visual Experience is embedded in a context of space and time. just as the appearANCE OF OBJECTS IS INFLUENCED BY THAT OF NEIGHBOURING OBJECTS IN SPACE, SO ALSO IS IT INFLUENCED BY SIGHTS THAT PRECEDED IT IN TIME”

"the original artist leaves the known as well as knowledge behind. He penetrates to the point of zero. this is where his exalted position begins..."
Willi Baumeister

"It was necessary, in Victor's view, THAT AS AN ARTIST ONE REMAINED A CHIld in some sense, spoiled & dependent; a porous, needy, oral creature - a sucking mouth; a monstrous ego for whom all objective reality is comprised of mirrors & nipples."
jay mcinerney, brightness falls

"and alone in the darkness of his cell... he felt like murdering the universe."
don carpenter, hard rain falling

Born Auckland, New Zealand 1978. Moved to London 1999.

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